In This Place

by Peggy Mira

Released 2006
Released 2006
music of life, faith, hope, and healing
Love embraces all
Within its merciful walls
Yielding of its own
Forever safe and warm
Forever holding on
Love embraces all
-- “Love Embraces All”

With articulate musicianship and gracious soul, Peggy Mira imparts words and music that are heartfelt and sincere. She wraps her stories and insights in a voice of resonating warmth nourishing the heart, mind, and spirit.

Crafting songs that will come home to the soul is characteristic of this artist. Her first album, “In This Place” is an inspirational collection of soothing song and reflection. “It made an impression on me when I heard that people play it in the workplace to de-stress. I began to write more openly about the ebb and flow in my own life sometimes giving things a humorous take and sometimes letting the edges stay in place.”

Strands of jazz, pop standards and musical theater, instilled in her by her father’s love of music, texture her melodies and lyrics. “When I was in fifth grade we moved to Indonesia for a few years and my father would play a variety of music over dinner spinning light-hearted tales around the artists. One of his favorite story lines was that they ran away with gypsies.”
Peggy is a passionate philanthropist and volunteer performing regularly for people in assisted living facilities with her music students. Her holiday collection entitled “Christmas Songs” benefits her sponsored children in Children International. Other charities she has volunteered with include Resounding Joy where she co-wrote songs with veterans.

Peggy Mira is a southern California based singer-songwriter. Her music can be purchased on and other music selling sites such as iTunes.

Here are some of her notes on the songs:

In This Place: This is about a time in my life of waiting in motion so to speak. It became a description of anyone’s walk with God.
En Ti (In You): I wanted to write something in Spanish - my father was Cuban.
Amazing Grace: An arrangement of the lyrics to this beloved hymn set to my own music.
Be Thou My Vision: My favorite hymn
Creation Speaks: My take on what God might say in response to our question of His existence.
Not Forgotten: Written as a message from God to imprisoned women.